Lib Dem Plan to Tackle Knife Crime and Support Youth Welcomed by Ann Haigh, Candidate for Barking

Ann Haigh, like you, is worried about rising knife crime and links with the criminals involved in illegal drug trade.

(Ann Haigh is the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Barking.)

Ann believes Barking needs an increase in the funding for youth services in order for our young people to have somewhere safe and fun to go to after school and in the evenings.

That's why Ann welcomed the recent announcement of the Liberal Democrats plan, to invest £500 million in youth services and adopt a public health approach to youth violence.

In response to the initiative, Ann says,


"I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the party that can make a difference and make things happen for the hard-working people in this community - people who just want their children to be safe and have better prospects than what's available to them now." 



Releasing more information about their plans earlier this week ..." A Liberal Democrat government would create a £500 million ring-fenced fund for Local Authorities in England to spend on youth services. This would provide young people with positive, safe and healthy opportunities to prevent them being drawn into youth violence and gang-related crime. We would also make local youth services a statutory service, protecting them from future cuts."


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