London Conference - Brexit, Affordable Housing, Preventing Knife Crime and Saving the Environment High on the Agenda

Liberal Democrats London Conference

At the London Region AGM and Conference in Camden last Saturday there was standing room only! Inspiring Liberal Democrat speakers included Siobhan Benita, Caroline Pidgeon, Lousie Porritt, Tom Brake, Luciana Berger and Ed Davey. We asked our City and East London GLA Candidate, Richard Flowers for his conference highlights. 

London Region AGM & Conference October 2019

By Richard Flowers, GLA 2020 Candidate, City and East London


The London Liberal Democrats held their Autumn Conference and AGM on Saturday in Camden, where there was standing room only for London Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita, GLA member Caroline Pidgeon, MEP Luisa Porritt , our Deputy Leader Ed Davey, MP Tom Brake and our newest MP Luciana Berger.


In the morning session there was a passionate and informed debate on the London Liberal Democrats Housing Policy.

As the candidate for City & East I called for more social housing that encourages Londoners to live together, with a mix that is appropriate for different stages in life, whether new couples, growing families or mature homes.

I also argued that the policy should include a focus on affordable housing for people in lower paid jobs and not just the better off - a key issue for my constituents.

Richard Flowers Liberal Democrats


Caroline Pidgeon AM Update

In the afternoon, Caroline Pidgeon reported on her work in City Hall, particularly efforts to hold the former Mayor Boris Johnson to account over the Jennifer Arcuri affair.

She also spoke on the introduction of the ultra-low emission zone to central London and efforts to clear up London’s air, including calls for a review of the Carbon Impact of the Silvertown Tunnel, and opposing expansion of flights at London City airport.

(Caroline is a member of the London Assembly for the Liberal Democrats, Chair of the London Assembly's Transport Committee, and national spokesperson on London in the Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet) 


Siobhan Benita, our London Mayoral Candidate, then talked about one of her major policy focuses - how we can take more effective action on knife crime. Siobhan felt that the current mayor has focused too much on the issues of enforcement through policing but that in many cases that is tragically too late.

Siobhan’s experience as a member of the cross-party parliamentary commission looking into the root causes of serious youth violence in London and the UK means she understands the need to put prevention into the mix, with a five-point plan to tackle the crisis.

She emphasised the need for early intervention such as looking out for young people presenting minor injuries at A&E when there’s still a chance to lead them away from a path into crime. Other initiatives would include overhauling youth services, supporting schools with funds and specialist expertise and reducing exclusions, introducing a Young Mayor to ensure the voice of youth is heard and increasing community police levels to enhance regular positive interactions with the community.

 Siobhan Benita Tackling Knife Crime

 Click here to learn more about Siobhan’s 5-point plan to tackle knife crime


Of course, the main topic in everyone's conversations at the London Conference was Stopping Brexit! All present knew that Brexit presents huge challenges not only to our economy but to our security and to Britain's identity as a global, inclusive, outward thinking, liberal and tolerant nation. 

I hope you’ll be joining me and the Liberal Democrats from all across London at the People's March on Saturday 19 October.

Our Liberal Democrat's message at the march will be loud and clear - Stop Brexit! 

Click here for more details on attending the march with us this Saturday.

Look forward to sharing more news with you soon!




Richard Flowers

GLA Candidate City & East London

Proudly supporting London Mayoral Candidate Siobhan Benita. 

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