On Valentines Day We Love Siobhan Benita for Mayor of London!!

Siobhan Benita for Mayor of London

On Valentines Day we are loving Siobhan Benita, our Liberal Democrats Candidate for Mayor of London. Siobhan stands for every Lib Dem value that we cherish and she plans to make London Safer, Greener and Kinder! Siobhan says "We all love London. But too many things are not working. From knife crime and homelessness to our toxic air - our city can and must be better." 

With the London Mayoral elections fast approaching, we can't wait to get the word out about how much we love our Liberal Democrats candidate Siobhan Benita.

With our local party representing the boroughs of Newham, Barking and Dagenham, we believe it's incredibly important that we have a Mayor who not only understands our diverse cultures and local issues, but who can and will take action to make our residents lives safer and happier. 

Like so many Londoners, Siobhan loves our city - but she knows we can do better. And being born in Merton, to an Anglo-Indian mother and Cornish father, and now married to a Frenchman, Siobhan epitomises London’s unique diversity. Having a dual nationality family is one of the reasons Siobhan feels so strongly about the need for London to retain close ties with other European countries, and for the Mayor to support European citizens that already live and work in the capital.

Plus she has the vital experience which will enable her to hit the ground running if she is elected as Mayor of London. 

“I worked in all the departments that the Mayor of London and City Hall work with - transport, local government and the environment. I also spent many years in the Cabinet Office right at the heart of Government so I know how policies are made and delivered.  I can get things done.”

What we love about Siobhan is that she is running an “ambitious and bold” campaign that tackles the big issues facing our boroughs, including a violent, knife-crime epidemic, shocking levels of rough sleeping, pollution and poor air quality and numerous problems with the transport network that make daily commuting far too stressful for many Londoners.

Siobhan wants to deliver a London that is "safer, greener and kinder" and we believe Siobhan has the vision, values and competence to that make that a reality. 

That's why this Valentines day our shout out and love is all about Siobhan Benita for Mayor of London!


Siobhan pictured above with Lib Dem members from our East London local parties.



Why not volunteer to support the Lib Dems in your area and make a difference locally and for London. 






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