Pollution in Newham Worst in the Country


Eimear O'Casey for West Ham and Michael Fox for East Ham have released statements on recent Newham Recorder and Metro articles reporting that: according to a study by the British Heart Foundation, toxic emissions in Newham increase the risk of an early death by the equivalent of smoking an average 159 cigarettes per year.



Lib Dems’ action plan for clean air more vital than ever

amid new research on pollution in Newham 


Worst borough in the country


According to The Newham Recorder and the Metro  - Analysis by the British Heart Foundation has shown that Newham borough has the worst air quality of any borough in the United Kingdom. 

According to the articles, toxic emissions in Newham increase the risk of an early death by the equivalent of smoking an average 159 cigarettes per year.


Commenting on the articles, Liberal Democrat candidate for West Ham, Eimear O’Casey said:


“This data compounds the urgency of tackling  toxic air quality and climate change in this borough. Decision-makers have a responsibility to our residents, and especially those under 18, to make and meet healthy air targets”.


Local environmental agenda


The Newham Lib Dems oppose local projects that would severely undermine efforts to reduce air pollution. 

These include expansion of City Airport and construction of the Silvertown Tunnel, which will connect the Greenwich peninsula to west Silvertown. Neither project can be compatible with serious efforts to reduce emissions and air pollution in our city.


National action plan


Turning to the national picture, Liberal Democrat candidate for East Ham, Michael Fox, said:


“The Lib Dems have ambitious but achievable plans to ensure that residents across the UK no longer face toxic levels of pollution that threaten their health. ”


The Lib Dems this election are committing to the following major national action on pollution and the climate emergency:


  • A zero net-emissions target by 2045

  • Ensuring that every new car sold is electric by 2030

  • Passage of a Clean Air Act, based on stringent World Health Organisation guidelines


The Lib Dems will also seek to shift more freight from roads to rail by electrifying more railway lines, and reform taxation of international flights to disincentivise frequent long-haul travel.


EU co-operation


Commenting on the role of the Brexit on this issue, Eimear O’Casey added:


“If ever there was an example of a policy area that requires joined-up initiatives and targets with our European neighbours and friends, the environment is it. The Lib Dems are the outspoken proponents of stopping Brexit and remaining in the EU.”




Michael and Eimear

Michael Fox is standing as the Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary candidate for East Ham and Eimear O'Casey is standing as Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary candidate for West Ham in the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019 .



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Lib Dems Plan

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