Is Wales Wobbly

If you looked at the obnoxious flow of press releases that emanate from Newham Town Hall, you would think that Sir Robin Wales is sitting comfortably going into the 2018 Mayoral contest.

But such is not the case.

In order to win the recent “trigger” election that will allow him to run for a second term, he had to bring back from the dead the local branch of the Labour-aligned Fabian Society which was then allowed to vote as an affiliate. He did this because the majority of the ward councillors wanted the Labour Mayoral candidate to be selected in the open.

There are serious Labour forces aligned against Wales at the moment and you might think that would force him to act in a more citizen-centric manner. I’m afraid not. It is only prompting him to double his efforts at creating opportunities for patronage; witness the latest selection of his cronies to the company that will oversee the redevelopment at the old Boleyn Grounds.

The bottom line is that there is a fairly significant portion of the Labour bloc in Newham that is tired of the autocratic, self-indulgent style of the incumbent mayor who spends a lot more marketing himself than caring about the citizens of the borough.

So our suggestion is that perhaps he should spend less time having his picture taken for Newham Mag and spend more time crafting substantive solutions to our housing, infrastructure and environmental problems.

We would also suggest if you would like a government that knows how to be effective and knows how to put the citizenry ahead of political gain, then vote for a Liberal Democrat.

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