Lib Dem Candidate for Barking Strong on Tackling the Climate Emergency


The Liberal Democrat candidate for Barking, Ann Haigh, is strong on protecting the environment and ensuring there is a sustainable future for generations to come. Today Ann adds her weight to the recent Lib Dem plans for tackling the climate emergency.

In Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson's "Plan for the Future", she plans to tackle the climate emergency by generating 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030 and insulating all low-income homes by 2025.

Lib Dem candidate for Barking, Ann Haigh, believes that communities in Barking are concerned about the growing climate emergency and comments,


"I am proud that a Liberal Democrat Government are planning proactive measures and will jump-start clean energy programmes to tackle the climate emergency. Initiatives that include expanding wind farms and harnessing tidal power can only be good for the planet, good for Barking and good for the future of our families and children. Savings that can be made by remaining in the European Union would support the funding of these renewable energy programmes."


Ann's comments support the recent statement by Ed Davey, Deputy Leader and Shadow Chancellor for the Liberal Democrats (source


"If we're going to build a better future for our children, we must decarbonise capitalism. As Chancellor of the Exchequer, I'll authorise £100 billion of spending to fight the climate crisis. We'll spend this smartly, too. This money includes a £10 billion Renewable Power Fund to generate an extra £100 billion of private sector investment. This will catapult Britain to the forefront of clean energy generation. It'll make us a world leader in not just off-shore wind, but tidal power."




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