Thank you for your support. You've increased our Vote Share in Newham, Barking and Dagenham.

Thank You

Thanks to every member, candidate, supporter & voter who increased our vote share in the 2019 General Election!

A sizeable increase nationally – from 7.3 per cent to 11.5 per cent.

Locally we saw our vote share nearly triple in Barking and Dagenham & Rainham, double in West Ham and more than triple in East Ham!


Dedicated Liberal Democrats came out in force to campaign on our liberal and social democratic values in the lead up to the General Election.

While this didn't lead to the electoral success we all hoped for in this election...we've re-established strong footholds that are preconditions for future national gains.

And we've built solid foundations and groundwork for our candidates in the London Mayoral and GLA campaign in 2020 and council elections in 2022.

Our values are our strength - our MPs will fight for them in parliament and our local party will continue to fight for them here in Newham, Barking and Dagenham.

We can make a difference each and every day standing up for a society that is fair, free, open, equal and environmentally safe and sound!


In 2020 our work continues.

We hope you'll all be there on the journey with us, because you know we stand for the progressive, liberal values that are important to you.





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